10 Soft Skills You Should Master

1. Excellent Customer Service Skill

To handle customer enquiries in a professional way, build up long-term relationship and enhance customer loyalty

2. Complaint Handling Skill

To respond to complaints from demanding customers in a positive and skillful manner and achieve better satisfaction.

3. Time Management Skill

To plan and prioritize tasks so as to finish them within tight deadlines and increase productivity.

4. Problem Solving Skill

To identify the root reason of problem and solve it efficiently. We have to analyze problem in a systematic and objective way, while we need to generate alternative solutions with our creativity.

5. Team Building Skill

To group people of various talents, experience and knowledge base into a team. Assign roles, allocate tasks and build team network, so as to achieve the maximum synergy.

6. Stress Management Skill

To relieve stress and transform it into positive energy. To improve working efficiency and enhance harmonic teamwork.

7. Motivation Skill

To reinforce the desired behavior by staff and enhance better business performance (e.g. sales) or overcome difficult situation.

8. Coaching Skill

To give suggestion to underperforming subordinate in a positive way so that they can overcome their weakness and grow. An essential skill to a leader.

9. Change Management Skill

To identify changes and adapt to fluctuating environment, no matter in markets, workplace and life, in order to survive, improve and excel.

10. Negotiation Skill

Enable us to get the best deal by creating a win-win situation with your client, colleague and boss.

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