Our Program

With extensive teaching experience in various industry segments such as banking & finance, retail, hospitality, logistics, insurance, etc., our teachers have a clear understanding of students’ needs and potential difficulties. They are confident in providing an effective and dynamic learning experience, using innovative teaching methodology to enable students to learn the skills.

Our teachers are versatile and highly experienced in providing training to junior, frontline, and executive/senior staff.

C. Yu

Open and friendly atmosphere throughout the training which inspire, encourage and facilitate learning

Ms Yu is good at quoting examples and sharing personal experience in supporting the training theories, her practical approach has made her training very impressive and outstanding. Her warm and nurturing personality predisposes her uniquely as a facilitator skills trainer.

H. Chung

Strong business sense and strategic mindset

Mr Chung’s unique experience and strong corporate background has developed him into a professional Human Resources leader with a strong business sense and strategic mindset. He brings thoughtful insight to the training workshops and inspires participants to apply their learning into business application which has brought positive results to their organizations.

A. Lee

Highly experienced in aligning human resources with business strategy

Mr Lee’s business background spans over 15 years working with multinational corporations in executive coaching, corporate training and organizational development.

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