How We Work

With our past experiences, training is tailored to individuals work demands, giving them applicable skills to help them in everyday work, enabling them to reach the best possible outcome and success.

How We Work:

Our training workshop focuses on facilitating engaging and participative activities to draw out appropriate answers and sustainable solutions to workplace problems together. To ensure an environment for adequate stimulations and fun, a variety of different training methods such as role-playing, case analysis, simulation activities, small group discussions, inspiring lectures and various group games will be utilized.

How We Work to Create a Customer-Specific Training Program

  • Step 1 : Find out the diagnosis or Conduct the training needs analysis
  • Step 2 : Design a customized training program in order to getting the best training effectiveness
  • Step 3 : Set up a meeting to get mutual agreement on training rundown & effectiveness
  • Step 4: Design and incorporate specific job related exercises, role playing or discussion
  • Step 5: Conduct the training
  • Step 6 : Set up “Focus Group” in one month time after the workshop on case sharing & application of the concepts learned
  • Step 7 : Conduct “Follow-Up Session” to learn how to effectively apply the concepts in particular cases encountered at work.

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