Path to Success

By possessing excellence in education, work experience, and a level of expertise may not give you the key to success. Having hardskills can only carry you so far, but do you also have good people skills?


Researched has strongly suggested that besides traditional job qualifications, soft skills and personality factors are equally valid as indicators of job performance. Having conscientiousness, good communication skills, team spirit and agreeability amongst co-workers are significant predictors of work success and cognitive ability.

At SkillsPower, we will take you on a path to secure your job prospects and further your career development, through the growth and possession of a stronger set of soft skills, such as how to make a lasting first impression, how to better communicate with colleagues and clients, and employer standards.

Cultivate the best in your employees

Building a harmonious workforce of conscientious, effective, and loyal employees are one of the major challenges managers face. At SkillsPower, we introduce you to learn from success stories of organisations that have overcome these struggles. Effective and applicable methods through character-based leadership skills, can result in the following:

  • Employees perform at new levels of excellence, which leads to
  • Improved customer service, resulting in...
  • Increases in productivity, then ...
  • Employee turnover drops, and ...
  • Workforce expenses decrease significantly, then ...
  • Managers get to spare time for more important tasks!

At SkillsPower, we propose realistic and effective ways for participants to achieve good results using a series of interactive and fun presentations.

We will help your employees to uncover their hidden talents and soft-skills, guiding them to develop indispensible qualities such as dependability, good time-management, enthusiasm, good communication skills and conscientiousness, helping you to build a stronger workforce for your company.

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