Our Program

From management to customer services, from leadership skills to Enneagram of Personality, from mini-workshops to regular training programs. All of them can be tailor-made to achieve your specific training objectives and they can be conducted in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

1.Adopt “Leadership Conversation Skills” for Effective Communications
2.Adversity and Change Management by The Economist Enterpriser® Game
3.Effective Team Building: "Cook" With Your Team
4.Coaching Skills
6.Cracking Confidence
7.Cross-Cultural Differences
8.Develop your Persuasive and Convincing Skills
9.Effective Communication Skills
10.Effective Meeting Skills
11.Effective Team Building by Using DISC Profile (Indoor/ Outdoor)
12.Effective Time Management
13.Emotional Intelligence
14.Excellent Customer Service Skills
15.Get to Know Yourself by NLP Model
16.Handling Complaints
17.How Image Reflects Yourself
18.Interpersonal Relationship Building by FIRO-B®
19.Leadership with Vision Program
20.Listening Skills
21.Manager to Coach
22.Managing Your Success
23.MBTI for Team Building
24.Mentoring Skills
26.Negotiation: Getting the Best Deal Every Time
27.Network Marketing
28.Effective Team Building: The All-time High
29.Presentation Skills for Managers/ Executives
30.Creative Problem Solving
31.Professional Image on Customer Service
32.Questioning Skills
33.Facilitation Skills for Human Resources Professionals
34.Strategic Planning
35.Stress Management
36.Telephone Communication Skills
37.The Art of Public Speaking – Getting People to Listen (Not Hear)
38.The Introduction of Enneagram
39.Train the Trainer
40.Using BEST Communication Profile to improve your skills
41.Value of Creativity
42.Work Life Balance
43.Chinese/ Western Business Etiquette
44.Interviewing Skills for Interviewers
45.Crisis Management
46.Lead and Engage the Gen Y
47.Professional Grooming
48.Supervisory Skills
49.Positive Mindset Produces Positive Result
50.Understanding Behaviour Styles by Using DISC Profile
51.Achieving Service Excellence
52.Assertiveness Skills & Self Confidence for Success
53.Behavioral Selling Skills
54.Building Better Work Relationships
55.Super Team Dynamics
56.Chairing Meetings
57.Competency Based Interviewing Skills
58.Conflict Resolution: The Path to Win‐Win Successes
59.Power Up Your Creativity and Innovation
60. Empowering Employees: A Guide for Success
61.Happy Work Life at Happy Workplace
62.The Art of Taking Responsibility
63.Performance Appraisal Skills
64.Balancing Life, Wrap Up Stress in 60-minute
65.Greater Leader - Greater Team
66.Experiential Coaching
67.Leadership Management Skills through DISC
68.Creative Team Building: Mission to Mars
69. Game Theory for Decision Making
70. Team Building: Power Up Your Creativity and Innovation
71. Team Building: Team Challenge of Detective Game
72. Solving Problems the Magical Way

…… and more.

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