Over the course of a year, Training works with hundreds of different companies, organizing an enormous variety of team building activities and corporate team building events.

Below are some testimonies from past and current clients and participants in reference to our services at SkillsPower:

“SkillsPower provided us with a very interesting program that really helped our staff learn motivational sales techniques! We highly recommend you.”

"I would recommend Ed Irons as a business coach, he has been an enormous help to my business and personal life! Thanks to Ed nudging me over the past 5 years to step out of my comfort zones, I have grown both personally and professionally. Ed has helped me reign in potentially adverse emotional reactions, to keep my cool, and think positively throughout this economic recession which has affected so many. With Ed's background as an attorney and business person, he really has imparted a lot of wisdom and effective business and life skills to me."

“SkillsPower has really helped me to become a much better manager, by learning to prioritize items, identify efficient ways of getting things done, evaluate current marketing systems and define professional goals. As a result, I have watched my team grow and flourish bit by bit. This would not have been possible without SkillsPower. I would highly recommend Hillman Chung to anyone who would like to become more goal-oriented, focused, and to see that their goals actually become realized.”

Thanks to SkillsPower, I now see my personal and professional life with much greater clarity. I'm able to better achieve my personal and professional goals, and lead a more constructive lifestyle by managing my time more effectively. I've developed a new confidence to take on challenges, and the ability to make well-informed decisions based on logic, not just emotion. This has all helped me to become more a more successful and happier person.”

“The portions of the program I enjoyed the most were the components dedicated to effectively achieving goals, objectives, and and setting priorities. Our instructor was an excellent presenter, he managed to motivate and interest us to learn. Everyone at SkillsPower was professional, personable, and engaging. I would highly recommend them!”

“We must compliment SkillsPower on their excellent content and presentation. They taught us realistic, practical, do-able techniques. I would definitely recommend the coaching workshop to others. The ideas and practices you taught are invaluable in enhancing one's life, both professional and personally.”

“You are awesome! My employees tell me you’re the best presenter they’ve ever encountered. You made learning a great deal of fun, and it was also highly productive. I like your practical ideas on dealing with heavy workloads and tight deadlines. I see that some of my staff are already implementing some of your ideas. Thank you!”

Last week, my staff and I attended your Corporate Building workshop. I don't know where to start with all the positive things I have to say about what you offered us that day. Firstly, it was money VERY well spent. Each participant felt that they learned something important from your workshop. For instance, some came to identify certain strengths and weaknesses that they had previously been unaware of, and some learned how they function in their workplace and how to improve on their shortcomings. I've noticed a positive difference in some of my staff since they attended your workshop.”

“I want to thank you at SkillsPower for all your work and follow up with our staff. Truth be told, everyone really enjoyed your workshop. For once, they didn't return with complaints about a boring day. A lot of them felt that they really learned. I will definitely recommend you to the other departments within our company!”

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