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Workshop Topic – Develop your Persuasive and Convincing Skills

Develop your Persuasive and Convincing Skills

“Do you have what it takes to persuade people?”

However good an idea, product or service may be, they require a strong and convincing voice to push them forward. In all fields of business, persuasion is a fundamental quality essential for success. When used well it is a powerful tool in helping you obtain the upper hand and drive your desired outcome.

This workshop will guide you through the essentials of persuasion as well as the necessary people skills needed for success.

Program Highlights:

  • How to deliver a “persuasive and convincing” message
  • The characteristics of a persuasive and convincing message
  • A balance of competencies & characters and how to develop them
  • Understand your communication style through BEST profile
  • Self assessment; the strengths and weaknesses of each style
  • Develop our weakness to be all round communicator
  • How to design you message
  • Analyze your audience
  • Identify your objectives and prepare your opening, content and tone
  • Prepare for the worst and the best
  • Using 3S formula – State, Support and Summarize formula
  • Make conscious alternation to have a balance “BEST” style
  • Leadership conversation
  • The different workforces and voices
  • Develop “leader conservation” when communicating
  • The operation message vs. the contribution message
  • The 5 common human interactions in communicating
  • Use “appreciative mindset” when communicating
  • Applying “appreciative mindset” in different situations and its impact
  • The arts of questioning, listening and giving feedback skills
  • Building rapport though listening
  • Using the highest questioning skills to explore and understand
  • Giving feedback by using S, B, I formula
  • From feedback to feed forwarding


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