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Workshop Topic – Solving Problems the Magical Way

Solving Problems the Magical Way

This participative workshop uses magic as a creative tool to sparkle out of the box thinking skills about problem solving. Co-facilitated by a working magician, participants will experience moments of astonishment with entertaining performances, then asked to solve the problems in order to achieve the effects. The effects will be explained and taught in context of creative problem solving and how to apply thinking out of the box at work in a similar way.

Program Highlights:
  • Magic performance
    Magician will perform several magic effects to the audience and they are to observe and take note of the details in order to solve the secret and the method of how to achieve the effects.
  • Mission: Think creatively! Think out of the box
    Team will think on their own then discuss the possible methods to achieve the observed effects that are performed, then try to recreate the effect completely on their own using their theories and observation.
  • Mission: You are the Magician!
    Team will take turn to perform the chosen or assigned effects using their own constructed process.
  • New mindset through experiential learning
    The effects will be taught the way the magician performed it and check against different concepts and levels of complexity in order to achieve the same perceived result by the spectator. By performing this in an entertaining way, participants will learn about thinking out of the box principles that can be applied to their work with a new mindset.


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