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Workshop Topic – Team Building: Team Challenge of Detective Game

Team Building: Team Challenge of Detective Game

Reach an even higher level of teamwork and performance!

Activities and team experiences along with group processing and discussions can further team building, helping to bring together a mutually motivating and understanding team.

Through experience and collaborative relationships, our team building workshop empowers people and provides them with the opportunity to learn about themselves and others. Also, by utilizing experiential education, looking at actions and reactions in given situations, allows participants to mutually access their performance as a collective unit accelerating overall development.

Program Highlights:
  • Getting started
  • Trainer uses energizer to warm up the team & divide the all participants into different teams
  • With a twist
  • Promoting the culture of listening, respect and appreciation in the team setting
  • Achieving alignment of team and individual vision and objective
  • Mission: Finding the lost jewelry
  • Fostering team communication, mutual trust and better understanding in face of the workload and challenges ahead
  • Cultivation of greater sense of responsibility and leadership skills in each individual team member
  • Facilitating team learning
  • Point out the importance to face the challenges and insecure feeling in a positive way
  • Emphasis everyone’s responsibility in the team
  • Achieving a sense of belonging, identity and positivism towards the grades among team members


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