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Workshop Topic – Team Building: Power Up Your Creativity and Innovation

Team Building: Power Up Your Creativity and Innovation

What does working smarter mean?

Nowadays, whether you are a team leader, coach, supervisor or manager you need to be able to maximize the opportunities available to your people and minimize time wasting problems re-occurring. This workshop aims at inspiring and empowering up your creativity and innovation.

Program Highlights:
  • Orientation
  • To enhance the training atmosphere
  • Taking the creativity test
  • Mission 1: Beyond your imagination
  • Embody the creativity that support innovation
  • Explore key creativity principles, attributes, and qualities that predict creative outcomes
  • Develop skills to help you manage change
  • Understand impediments to creativity
  • Discover new sources to generate breakthrough ideas
  • Cultivating a creative workforce
  • Mission 2: Team up to make things possible
  • Understanding the “IDEAL” model
  • New mindset through experiential learning
  • Learn about thinking out of the box principles that can be applied to workplace with a new mindset
  • Coming up with creative solutions
  • Maintaining your creativity long- team
  • Connecting with other people’s creatively
  • Mission 3: Balloon creation
  • Discover our amazing brain
  • Unleash team members’ inner artists and releasing unused potential
  • Generating alternative solutions and choosing amongst alternatives
  • Risk assessment and contingency plans
  • Adapting a creative tool - thinking the opposite


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