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Workshop Topic – Cross-Cultural Differences

Cross-Cultural Differences

There of often times conflict and misunderstandings arise from cross-cultural differences and thus it is important to be behaviorally aware when conducting multi-cultural business.

This workshop focuses on providing you with the appropriate communication skills, tools, knowledge and understanding needed to become more successful in handling cross-cultural boundaries in business.

Program Highlights:

  • What is cross-cultural differences

  • Culture at a glance
  • Condense understanding of by unappealing various cultural layers of individuals
  • Awareness of Pitfalls of international assignments
  • Cross cultural analysis
  • Comparing own culture with culture over selected dimensions
  • Doing business and managing people across cultures
  • Leadership/Management
  • Motivation
  • Team building
  • Intercultural Communication Model
  • Improve effectiveness in communication by focusing on verbal and non verbal aspects


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