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Workshop Topic – Game Theory for Decision Making 應用博奕理論

Game Theory for Decision Making

The objective of the problem solving workshop is to enhance the skills for solving problem and making decision. Game theory (博奕論) is the theory of independent and interdependent decision making. It is concerned with decision making in organizations where depends on the decisions of two or more autonomous players, one of which may be nature itself, and where no single decision maker has full control over the outcomes. Obviously, games like chess and bridge fall within the ambit of game theory, but so do many other social situations which are not commonly regarded as games in the everyday sense of the word.

The workshop will be delivered through lectures, discussion, activities and participation. Participants will have the opportunity to learn Game Theory and apply it in solving the problem.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have an understanding of how to use Game Theory to solve problems.

Program Highlights:
  • Welcome and introduction
  • Participants consider their personal and team goals for the workshop
  • Set some ground rules to help them learn and work together
  • Ice breaking game to energize the participants for the learning of the day
  • Game Theory
  • What is Game Theory?
  • Concepts of Game theory
  • Different types of games
  • Analysis of Game Theory
  • Game Theory vs Nash Equilibrium
  • Best strategy in Game Theory
  • Case studies for Game Theory
  • Application of Game Theory in real life

  • Group discussion & activities

  • Look forward and action plan


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