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Workshop Topic – Creative Team Building: Mission to Mars

Creative Team Building: Mission to Mars

Do you want to build trust and increase morale?

What makes people a team is the emotional support and trust they offer each other. We believe team building takes time, commitment, and even play. Yet, it is more than games, activities, programs, and exercises. The best team building happens in the purposeful work of solving a problem together in an atmosphere of trust.

Creative team building ensures teams complete set tasks cooperatively, unleashing their inner artists and releasing unused potential – ideally transferring it into the workplace.

Creative team building also allows teams share their knowledge and capabilities, whilst learning and creating art. Teams create a vision, whilst determining core team values through creative synergy.

Program Highlights:
  • Introduction to basic robotics

  • Effective teamwork key reminders
  • Open and clear communication
  • Set clear team goals
  • Developing mutual trust
  • Positive management of conflict
  • Lost in Mars team exercise
  • Team survival strategy and collaboration
  • Facilitated debrief of simulated space survival exercise
  • Team challenge exercise
  • Team assembly of a functional optical robot vehicle
  • Simulated mission for target search with optical robot
  • Team debriefing and sharing of team experience
  • Simulated mission to Mars where teamwork and communication are critical for success


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