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Workshop Topic - Leadership Management Skills through DISC

Leadership Management Skills through DISC

Excellent leadership when done well is an undeniable asset in guiding both individuals and teams to flourish. On the other hand, when ignored can quickly lead to apathy and disengagement. Effective leadership development is essentially the continuous evolution of the leaders' skill as well as their comprehension of themselves and the world around them. The road to good leadership is a dynamic process which puts focus on the collective capability and performance of a leadership team rather than an individual's competences.

Upon completion of the workshops series, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of manager in coaching and performance management
  • Understand concept of observing and documenting behavior style by DISC®
  • Learn to motivate self and others to higher performance according to their styles
  • Enhance skills in communicating performance expectations & standards to employees
  • Explore concept and process of effective feedback and recognition of delegation
  • Program Highlights:

    Module 1: Leadership

    • Identifying the difference between management and leadership
    • Different types of leadership styles and how they contribute to the company in different ways
    • Leading staff, leading clients and leading the company
    • The leader as a coach
    • Management by objectives
    Module 2: Personal styles, values and goals - DISC® questionnaire to identify your style
    • What is your working style
    • Analyze strengths, limitations and value systems
    • What are the behavioral characteristics of an effective Manager
    • Understand and appreciate other work styles
    • Alignment of personal styles and values to the company
    • Setting your SMART goals to improve performance in each role
    Module 3: Motivation
    • What is your motivational style strengths and limitations
    • What are the behavioral characteristics of an effective manager
    • Know how your natural motivational styles affect subordinates
    • Learn to identify the motivational needs of each subordinate
    • How to manage the motivational styles of subordinates for performance effectiveness
    • Gaining commitment from the staff
    • Motivating staff to be more initiative
    Module 4: Delegation & coaching
    • How to adjust your delegation styles to other styles who are different from you
    • Delegate resources based on project priority
    • A systematic means of monitoring and measuring the effectiveness; process and people working with them
    • Empowering staff to more responsibility and accountability
    • Coaching by example
    • Reinforcing continuous improvement
    • Supporting and Guiding
    ** Additional fee for DISC Profile Test paper will be applied


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