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Workshop Topic – Balancing Life, Wrap Up Stress in 60-minute

Balancing Life, Wrap Up Stress in 60-minute

More and more Hong Kong corporate is trying office yoga. They find it a good way to increase productivity and morale in the workplace. Stretching and moving around not only provide rest but also reduce injuries caused by repetitive strain injury (RSI). Besides, there is no restriction of special equipment or space.

The Workshop encourages participants to:

  • A boost in energy & mood, less stress
  • Give you more free time for other activities after work
  • Save money and calories when working out at lunch time

The aim of 60-minute lunch time workouts, surrounding all of the human body’s organs and plays a crucial role in our movements and physical activities, squeezing exercise call for a bit of advance balancing life strategies.

Program Highlights:

  • Strengthens the body and the mind, and balances the emotions
  • Yoga postures & breathing: focus on alignment, sun salutation & long deep stretching
  • A balanced sequence of restorative poses
  • The beautiful science of meditation provides perfect tools for that calm and focus
  • Practice methods to relieve musculoskeletal tension, relieve headaches and improve sleep
  • Increase feelings of wellbeing
  • Improve coping strategies for dealing with stressful events and the subsequent negative symptoms of stress, and offer home/office strategies.


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