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Workshop Topic – Performance Appraisal Skills

Performance Appraisal Skills

Appraising performance is a potential nightmare scenario for both employee and appraiser alike. The outcome of a good appraisal system should be a Win‐Win situation for both parties. People development leading to higher business returns through greater achievement of business goals and targets is the end result of competent, objective based and ongoing appraisal.

This workshop provides appraisal training for supervisors and managers who have a responsibility for managing the performance and conduct of others at work.

Program Highlights:
  • Principles of effective appraisals
  • Performance management, the tools and their benefits
  • Principles of effective performance appraisal discussions
  • Organizations performance appraisal process
  • Setting SMART objectives
  • Objective setting process
  • Communicating performance objectives
  • Writing SMART performance objectives
  • The appraisal meeting
  • Structuring and introducing the appraisal meeting
  • Identifying the key skills needed
  • Evidencing performance
  • Appraisal skills
  • Questioning, listening and giving feedback
  • Performance appraisal documentation and follow up
  • Reviewing internal performance appraisal documentation
  • Providing follow up to the appraisal and frequency
  • Preparing for the performance appraisal meeting


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