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Workshop Topic – Happy Work Life at Happy Workplace

Happy Work Life at Happy Workplace

A happy workplace is a productive workplace. If workplace engagement is important to your organization, this workshop can play a vital role in increasing engagement in your teams.

Participants will understand what individuals require to feel engaged within their environment, and how to achieve greater satisfaction from work and life. Participants walk away from this fun and engaging workshop with practical skills they can implement immediately in their lives, in order to experience greater happiness and fulfillment.

Upon completion of the workshops series, participants will be able to:

  • Increase self-awareness of their personal styles
  • Understand how people perceive each other based on behavior clues
  • Establish an open and motivating work environment
  • Think positively towards market changes/ business challenges
  • Program Highlights:

    Module 1: Understanding yourself & your team

    • Identify your personal and work styles

    • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses

    • Understand and appreciate other work styles

    Module 2: Versatility
    • Low versatility vs. high versatility

    • Enhance team communication and cohesive teamwork

    • Motivate your partners in achieving same goal

    Module 3: Handling conflict and influencing skills at workplace
    • Conflict is natural

    • Style under pressure

    • Resolving conflict through influencing skills

    • Learn Influencing Skills
    • Win-Win mindset
    • Focus on Issues not on person
    • Understand needs from different motives
    • Give and take
    • Expressing views & creating options


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