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Workshop Topic – Competency Based Interviewing Skills

Competency Based Interviewing Skills

The use of competency-based selection procedures for selecting high performing employees has become a STANDARD PRACTICE for many organizations. Research shows that you are 8 times more likely to hire superior performers using competency-based selection than through traditional interview techniques. Furthermore, you are more likely to keep those superior performers, improve productivity levels without additional expense, and reduce recruitment and outplacement costs significantly.

This workshop is designed for those who are responsible for making the selection decision for new members to their team and already have some experience in recruiting team members. It can be tailored to meet the needs of supervisors, managers and recruitment practitioners.

Program Highlights:

  • Positioning of competency based interviewing
  • What are competencies, competency frameworks and how they benefit the organization and their people
  • Structuring competency based interviews
  • Format and techniques of a competency based interview
  • Preparing the candidate for a competency based interview
  • Time and structure needed to explore each competency
  • Use of competency based interview guide
  • Acquiring evidence – questioning & listening skills
  • Handling candidate responses to questions
  • Observing candidate behaviors and recording responses
  • Summarizing candidate responses
  • Making the selection decision
  • Evaluating and rating evidence
  • Using a rating scale
  • Recommending the next stage in the selection process


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