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Workshop Topic – Chairing Meetings

Chairing Meetings

How many meeting minutes are wasted due to ineffective or untrained Chairs? Destructive arguments, poor attendee behavior, lack of summarizing and bad structure are the most common complaints people have given us as the result of poor chairing skills.

Research has shown that we can waste one day a month in unproductive meetings and poor chairing skills are one of the major factors. The chairing meetings workshop will help supervisors and managers who want to get the most from the meetings they chair by achieving clearly defined meeting outcomes, maximizing participant contributions and overcoming meeting challenges.

Program Highlights:

  • Principles and roles within effective meetings
  • Types of meetings
  • Characteristics and structure of effective meetings
  • Role of chairperson, facilitator, minute taker and attendees
  • Using meeting agendas
  • Producing the meeting agenda
  • Scheduling the agenda items and managing attendance
  • Achieving the desired outcomes
  • Managing action plans
  • Managing participation
  • Recognizing natural roles people take within a meeting
  • Channeling the different behaviors
  • Techniques to manage participation and channel energy
  • Using questions to manage participation
  • Meeting skills practice
  • Small group meetings with review and observer feedback


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