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Workshop Topic – Super Team Dynamics

Super Team Dynamics

A High Performance Team is made of two or more people who communicate regularly, and perceive themselves as a distinct entity distinguishable from others, have complementary skills, are committed to a common purpose and have an approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. High Performance Teams engage in collective work produced by coordinated joint efforts that result in more than the sum of individual efforts.

This workshop will help supervisors and managers develop the knowledge and skills to create and maintain a super team dynamics. Participants will also learn techniques that will engage and inspire their teams to achieve a higher level of team performance and synergy.

Program Highlights:
  • Characteristics of high performance teams
  • Defining a team
  • Stages of group development
  • lIntroduction to Keirsey Temperament sorter
  • Understanding temperament, character and personality
  • The four groups and sixteen types
  • Identifying the roles and variants
  • Temperament influence on leadership roles
  • Distinguish the 4 types of leadership traits
  • Overview on strength and weaknesses
  • Stages of team development
  • Process of progressing the different stages in a team
  • Incorporating team temperament knowledge
  • Foster team understanding and working together effectively
  • Adapting your leadership style
  • Review of leadership styles and when to use
  • Adapting to each person and situation
  • Know yourself and others so well that you can seamlessly operate as one efficient unit


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