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Workshop Topic – Behavioral Selling Skills

Behavioral Selling Skills

Selling today starts with the customer, not the product. It requires creative thinking and new approaches. Your representatives who sell at profitable margins and offset the daunting price competition should follow a pattern of “customer first”. Instead of selling product specifics, these people are thinking of how to motivate the customer to buy.

Behavioral Selling Skills teaches selling organizations and people to stop “pushing” products and to start “pulling” their customers to buy. The program focuses on building trust and motivating customers through a deeper understanding of their needs. When customers face risky buying decisions they prefer to deal with people “they know” and who know them. They want people they like and trust to help them work through the buying process. Without trust a significant relationship is unlikely to develop.

Upon completion of the workshops series, participants will be able to:

  • Have a greater understanding of their own and customer’s behavioral styles
  • Understand how people perceive each other based on behavior clues
  • Learn to build trust, and stronger connection with customers so as to win better deals for the company
  • Adapt to customer’s ways of buying through the application in the consultative selling process

Program Highlights:

Module 1: Understand Social Styles

  • Social styles assessment

  • Understanding salesperson’s selling behaviors and roles

  • Understand buyer’s buying behavior

  • Salesperson’s and buyer’s comfort zone

  • Concept of social style

  • Recognizing salesperson’s own style
Module 2: Versatility
  • Low versatility V.S. high versatility

  • Versatility Skills
  • Style modification strategy
  • Adapting skills
Module 3: Application into sales process
  • Versatile behaviors and consultative selling process

  • Doing business the customers ways: Practice versatile selling behaviors of 4 styles in the consultative selling process

  • Preparation phase
  • Personal preparation for positive and proactive thinking
  • Task preparation for preparing sales call
  • Relationship building phase
  • Winning trust and good impression from 4 kinds of different customers
  • Effective diagnosis phase
  • Apply questioning & listening skills to 4 styles to uncover needs
  • Confirming different customer’s task and personal motives
  • Presenting the right solution phase
  • Presenting solution in terms of customer’s benefit
  • How to attract different behavioral style
  • Acknowledge objection phase
  • Anticipate objections and complaints from different styles
  • Result closing skills
  • Negotiation and other skills in closing
  • Gain commitment from different styles
  • Extended relationship skills


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