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Workshop Topic – Assertiveness Skills & Self Confidence for Success

Assertiveness Skills & Self Confidence for Success

Gaining self-confidence and assertiveness is a crucial component to a successful life. Great leaders are most assuredly confident and steadfast without being aggressive and rude. Assertiveness means standing up for what you want, and stating your needs clearly — and appropriately — through direct, open, and honest communication. It brings self-confidence and helps garner the respect of peers and business partners.

This workshop provides tools and techniques to help differentiate assertive behavior from aggressive and passive behaviors, and transform the latter into assertiveness. Participants will also gain insight into the factors that explain unassertive behavior, and into how individuals react in various high-pressure situations; and will display more assertive behaviour and renewed self-confidence, which will lead to enhanced relationships in both the workplace and their personal lives.

Program Highlights:
  • Identifying the fundamentals of assertive behavior

  • Distinguishing assertiveness from aggressive and passive behaviors

  • Identifying the underlying reasons for unassertive behaviors

  • Key skills of assertive communication
  • Clear communication of goals
  • Clear communication of ideas
  • Clear communication of your plan
  • Handle aggressive or over emotional, difficult people
  • Self confidence
  • Inspiring confidence in others
  • Structuring and delivering assertive messages

  • Tips and techniques to improve self-confidence

  • Developing strategies to ‘speak up’ when appropriate

  • Creating a support network


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