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Workshop Topic – Understanding Behaviour Styles by Using DISC Profile

Understanding Behaviour Styles by Using DISC Profile

Ever wondered why some people are easy for you to work with and others so hard? Wish you could relate better to a co-worker or your boss? Wondering how to get your team to work more effectively together?

DISC is one of the most widely used behavioural models in the world. We use it to help understand human behaviour and to provide an easy-to-interpret model based on whether someone is people or task orientated and outgoing or more reserved.

The main reason for doing a DISC profile is to learn how to be more adaptable. It is used in programs to assist people on an individual basis to become more self-aware and leads to opportunities for a more advanced and personal experience within development workshops.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to communicate more effectively, improve collaboration and reduce conflict, build high-functioning teams, become a more effective leader and to increase success at work!

Program Highlights:

  • Four basic behavioural styles
  • How to determine someone’s “core” style with two simple questions
  • The strengths and “blindspots” of each style
  • Promoting appreciation of difference
  • How to instantly improve your communications using DISC
  • Easing frustration and conflict
  • Ways to create effective working relationships
** Additional fee for DISC Profile Test paper will be applied


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