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Workshop Topic – Coloration


Recent survey on the color revolution of China showed that only 3% of the population has ever heard of personal color analysis and less than 0.2%, which is almost an insignificant figure, has done a personal color analysis.

Surprisingly, none of the survey participants, who include engineers, shop managers, teachers and interior designers, know that coloration is a branch or skill derived from the science of light and the fine art of nature.

An in-depth talent of combining the scientific theory and artistic expression of the analysis result is also a mandatory requirement for aesthetic application of color analysis.

The workshop will be delivered interactively through lectures, discussions, activities, skills practice and participation. Upon completing the workshop, the participants will be able to apply color to their work life.

Program Highlights:

  • Dr. Desmond’s personal and corporate case sharing (Note)
  • International impact of coloration
  • From the Classical Four Seasons Coloration (Color Me A Season) to Human Coloration (Munsell Color System) and its leading status in the world
  • Experiential workshop on coloration
  • Application of coloration
Note: Dr. Desmond Chan is an Imageologist™ and a Naturopathic Doctor. He is the President of the Association of Image Architects, Director of the Research Institute of Holistic Image Architecture, Adjunct Professor of HolisticImageArchitecture™, European University Hong Kong, Professor of Corporate Image, University of Atlanta, Asia Campus Singapore.


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