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Workshop Topic – Positive Mindset Produces Positive Result

Positive Mindset Produces Positive Result

The strength to succeed comes from your ability to master your attitude. Successful individuals recognize their attitude ultimately sets their altitude. Discover the power your positive attitude has to help you achieve your goals and the ultimate success.

Positive thinking is infectious and leads to a 'can do' attitude within an individual, a team and an organization. The workshop allows participants to consider the business consequences of negative thinking and learn the methodology to develop positive practices that can be achieved in the flick of a mental switch.

Program Highlights:

  • The Growth mindset and the Fixed mindset (learnt from Dr Carol Dweck)
  • Be aware of your thinking condition impact
  • Shift our mindset to the positive one
  • Focus on “Controllable” and acknowledge the “uncontrollable”
  • Develop “appreciative language” within the team to produce positive energy
  • Overcoming criticism and negative judgments
  • Thinking systems for success – planning the positive future


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