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Workshop Topic – Supervisory Skills

Supervisory Skills

Good Supervisors and Team Leaders are able to take charge of their role and their subordinates, creating effective and harmonious relationships with all parties, thus freeing them to do what is really important – manage people.

The leadership style of an organization greatly affects the morale and attitude of all within an organization. This course will equip Supervisors and Team Leaders with a clearly defined style of management and leadership skills.

Program Highlights:

  • The proper mind-set of a good supervisor
  • The pre-suppositions of NLP
  • How to prepare for an effective coaching session
  • Coaching Skills
  • Difference between coaching, counseling and supervising
  • The proper application of coaching and counseling at work
  • Coaching strategy
  • Give constructive feedback
  • Coaching model and processes
  • Motivation at work
  • Skill transferring technique
  • Transfer via demonstration, coaching and formal briefing
  • Pros and cons of different methods
  • Sharing of common practice of other companies
  • Knowledge management at shop level


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