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Workshop Topic – Professional Grooming

Professional Grooming

Do you love makeup and hairstyle? Hate it? Are you scared of it? Find it fun or frustrating? Applied well, makeup and hairstyle can transform you!

A little well placed eyeliner — either hidden in your lash line to look natural or drawn dramatically along your lid — can draw attention to your eyes. Foundation can be applied to cover naturally or create flawless looking skin. Either way, it should feel light, protect your skin and create a look that is bright and smooth. Lipstick is like magic! The right color can make your eye color pop and add a glow to your face – this doesn't mean the color has to be bright, just right for your skin tone and eyes!

When it comes to the right hair style for you, follow what works for your face shape and personality. There is little point having a dramatic hair style and colour if you will not be comfortable with it. You take your hair with you everywhere you go so you want it to make you feel fabulous and be a good representation of you! A fabulous hair style can go a long way in increasing your confidence and self esteem.

With the right guidance, techniques and colors, every woman can become her own best makeup artist!

Program Highlights:

  • Recognize the importance of first impressions & your image
  • Project a professional image with your makeup colours & hairstyle
  • Pick the appropriate colours to achieve the desired impact
  • Flatter your face shape by picking the right colour & hairstyle
  • Hairstyle choices & styling tips for tight time schedule


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