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Workshop Topic – Lead and Engage the Gen Y

Using BEST Communication Profile to improve your skills

Research shows the biggest divide facing our society is not a gender divide, racial divide, income or technology divide but it is the generational divide. For supervisors or managers involved in engaging young people, it must be remembered that the gap between them is constantly growing.

By understanding what today’s youth most value, we can determine how to most effectively lead and engage them. The traditional talk and chalk won’t work with this generation. Supervisor & managers must adopt a new mind set and acquire new skill set to lead and guide.

Workshop Objective:

  • To equip and prepare today Manager to adopt a new mind set and skill set to lead and engage the new workforce.
  • To understand the characteristics of the new workforce and use effective managerial practices in day to day operation
  • To foster “partnership” relationship with the new workforce.
  • To equip the Manager with leadership conversation skills to communicate with their staff

Program Highlights:

  • Understand the current and construct for the future
  • The mix of the current workforce – Baby Boomer, Generation X and Y
  • The characteristics of new workforce and how it develops
  • What are their needs
  • Develop partnership with the new workforce through Accept, Respect, Encourage, and Learn
  • What is staff engagement?
  • The meaning of staff engagement
  • The 5 different levels of staff engagement
  • The relationship between staff engagement and business result
  • The career best - Talent, Passion and Organization
  • Manager’s responsibilities to create career best
  • Develop managerial practices in day to day operation
  • Build Trust
  • Create Transparency Management
  • Reward Performance and treasure Company’s Value
  • Support Personal growth and development
  • Understand individual’s need
  • The leadership conversation skills
  • The highest level of listening skill to build rapport
  • Quality question to get quality answer
  • Give feedback and feed forwarding
  • Action plan for tomorrow


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