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Workshop Topic – Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance has become an ingrained word in today’s society. Being able to secure the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of your workforce will account immensely towards your company’s productivity and profitability.

Many people would rank work life balance as a top priority when seeking a new position. Even though it may require time to change, many organizations are now concerned about creating more flexible workplaces to help people achieve the balance they need.

Attending activities and group discussions that mutually support one another’s personal and professional goals, whilst also encouraging the idea of achieving a work life balance, will help participants make attainable changes step by step.

Program Highlights:
  • What balance means to the individual
  • Monitoring current balance & stress levels
  • Identifying and understanding the importance of being aligned with personal values & strengths
  • Practical tips that really work to improve time and stress management professionally and personally
  • Identifying & overcoming thoughts and behaviors that are barriers to change
  • Developing long term career and personal goals
  • Effective goal setting techniques


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