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Workshop Topic – Coaching Skills

Coaching Skills

“What qualities make the best and most effective leaders?”

Just like great coaches, competent leaders who are experienced in using effective coaching skills are able to stimulate better morale, retain a key team, provide quality customer service in their organizations, as well as increase overall productivity.

This workshop looks at providing core coaching and management skills needed to enable participants to create an environment of trust to allow for better growth and productivity of their company and its' people.

Program Highlights:

  • The role of the coach
  • Understanding the principles of behavior change and the barriers to change
  • How to prepare for the appraisal and coaching process
  • Clarification on the evaluation process: Communication of job responsibility between appraiser and appraised
  • Setting effective goals
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Follow‐up and monitor the improvement process
  • How to evaluate without either party losing face
  • Communication and counseling skills for coaches
  • Model for impactful coaching conversation
  • Coach manager competencies
  • Reinforce positive behavior and discourage negative behavior


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