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Workshop Topic – The Introduction of Enneagram

The Introduction of Enneagram

The Enneagram is a philosophical and psychological framework that classifies human personalities into nine distinctive personality types. With ancient origins and promising empirical results, this framework has been used as a powerful method to understand people and their motivations.

The Enneagram reveals that our attitudes and behaviors are influenced by our personality styles. This model can help us uncover our essential qualities, which lie beneath our personalities to become better and more compassionate people. By acknowledging our ‘blind spots’ and aspects that we may not realize about ourselves will help us to improve and reach better success.

Being in control of our motivations and behaviors, rather than being unconsciously led by them can help us become more self-aware, which is essential for personal development and relationship improvements.

This workshop will introduce counselors and needed tools to lead you to discover more about who you are and give you insight into how you can kick-start a life-changing experience for growth.

Program Highlights:

  • Learn about the history & philosophy of the Enneagram
  • Learn about the nine personality types identified by the Enneagram, with a view to increasing awareness of one’s own personality
  • Understand how counselling can be supported using the Enneagram
  • Deepen and expand one’s repertoire of personality assessment strategies
  • Observe live exemplars of the types on facilitated ‘panels’


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