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Workshop Topic - The Art of Public Speaking- Getting People to Listen (Not Hear)

Public Speaking

In contemporary times where most societies are suffering from information overload, no one has the time to decode messages patiently. Therefore, it has become imperative for ideas to be heard & understood by its audience in the most direct and easiest manner. Having a brilliant concept is only step one to become successful but it must also be communicated to the stakeholder(s) effectively. Consider the following situation:

  • To seek management’s approval for a new strategy launch
  • To present oneself in front of a panel at the final stages of a job interview
  • To obtain buy-in from Owners Incorporated to invest in renovating the apartment building

The above scenarios demand well planed thoughts delivered crisply and often, there is only one shot of getting it right. The Public Speaking workshop which stems from the Master Communication Series aims to help those who are determined to turn an idea into prospect by getting audience to listen.

Program Highlights:

  • Techniques of think and speak coherently
  • Conquering the fear of public speaking
  • Techniques on effective speech delivery
  • Use of good body language and vocal techniques
  • Useful tips to help engage your audience
  • Develop stage presence and charisma
  • A comprehensive guide on how to prepare for speeches in all situations


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