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Workshop Topic – Telephone Communication Skills

Telephone Skills

Telephones are one of the most regularly used methods to contact a customer, and for this reason, it is very important to establish a friendly and efficient telephone manner to leave a positive impression. If poorly managed, it may cost the lost of a business and damage the bond of trust and relationship.

Organizations who utilize telephone selling understand that it is a powerful sales tool and are able to capitalize on this method. By training employees to develop a clear, professional manner will enable customers to form long-lasting relationships with your company.

Program Highlights:
  • Open calls that get the customer’s attention while respecting the customer’s time
  • Sell in a consistent manner whether the customer or the seller initiates the call
  • Plan and ask questions concisely so that the telephone is an asset to sales productivity
  • Succinctly present the capabilities of offerings that address customers’ explicit needs
  • Apply a framework and tools that prevent opportunities from falling through the cracks
  • Selling the long-term relationships rather than low bids
  • Handling challenging behaviors and objections
  • Putting it into practice


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