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Workshop Topic - Facilitating Skills for Human Resources Professionals

Facilitation Skills for Human Resources Professionals

To leverage learning effectiveness, effective facilitation skills are essential to help HR Professionals to learn. The skills could also be used to facilitate discussions, meetings, training programs etc.

The objective of the workshop is to introduce the principles and skills of facilitation in order for them to deliver in-house workshops, chair meetings or handle difficult situations during discussions etc. The learning methodology will be based on experiential theory which emphasizes learning by experience. This could increase the learning effectiveness of the participants.

The key element of the workshop is a skills-practice session which enables participants to practice, contribute constructive feedback and further improve their own facilitation skills.

Program Highlights:

  • Why using “facilitating skills”

  • The different between facilitating / teaching / telling skills
  • How participant response to different styles
  • When to use “facilitating skills”
  • Meetings / trainings / discussions
  • Creating the environment and atmosphere
  • Set the tone
  • Prepare mindset
  • The Role of facilitator

  • The essential techniques
  • Observing
  • Questioning & listening
  • Valuing
  • Complimenting
  • Feedback and Forwarding
  • Handling difficult situation
  • No responses
  • Conflict within the groups
  • Wrong / inappropriate information from the participant
  • Practice and Role Play


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