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Workshop Topic – Questioning Skills

Questioning Skills

Questioning is both an art and a skill. When we are well aware of how to ask the right questions we can often anticipate the right answers. Contrarily, if we are not equipped with how to ask a good question it is an important skill worth learning.

There are numerous ways to ask a question, and they can serve different purposes such as to make a sale, obtain an answer, elicit information, as well as influence others. It may be overlooked, but having a clear understanding of when and how to ask a question can vastly impact the way you interact and communicate with other people.

Program Highlights:
  • Distinguish the different types of questions
  • Know how to improve your questioning skills
  • Learn how to ask powerful questions
  • Know the techniques and strategies used in asking questions
  • Learn about the techniques used in asking behavioral, sales and polygraph questions
  • Find out about questions that don’t have answers


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