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Workshop Topic – Professional Image on Customer Service

Professional Image on Customer Service

Learning to deliver a professional image on customer service directly correlates with boosting your company’s ability to retain customers, gain new ones and grow revenue making this workshop well worth your investment. Good customer service is an on-going philosophy that should be exercised regularly to help you attain an outstanding recognition within the retail industry.

Leaving a long lasting and excellent image is critical to success especially in company branding, as research has shown that your image constitutes for 55% of what people believe about you.

“Moment of truth” involves interaction with people in different points of the service cycle, and is critical in customer service as well. By understanding the customer service model, manage customers and meet their needs at different moments, will help maintain a good relationship, achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.

This workshop will be delivered interactively through lectures, discussions, activities, skills practice and participations.

Program Highlights:

  • First impressions – how you image impacts others
  • Corporate Etiquette e.g. facial expression, body language etc.
  • Fundamental customer service
  • How to project an excellent image to your customer
  • Effective customer service model
  • Moment of truth


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