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Workshop Topic – Creative Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Facing problems whether on a daily basis or those that affect long-term strategic direction, unfortunately come hand-in-hand with every business. Therefore, it is important to be able to creatively utilize problem-solving strategies to deal with the root of the problem and develop effective problem-solving skills for businesses to succeed.

Developing a creative problem solving strategy will enable us to distinguish between symptoms and problems, exercise discipline under time constraints, look at ordinary things in extraordinary ways and make the best decisions amongst a difficult situation.

Program Highlights:

  • What is problem solving – definition and analyze of a problem

  • Creative problem solving
  • Effective creative problem solving techniques
  • Using the problem checklist
  • Applying to work related problems
  • Common mistakes in creative problem solving
  • Routine thought process
  • Ideas inadequate to deal with rapidly changing world
  • The creative problem solving process
  • Identifying and defining problems, goals and objectives
  • Understand own thinking preferences
  • Blend lateral thinking and rational thinking in solving problems
  • Address old problems from new ways, view all sides of a situation and see beyond the obvious
  • Generating alternative solutions and choosing amongst alternatives –
  • Tools including: Fish bone analysis, brainstorming, mind mapping, six thinking hat
  • Taking and implementing decisions and developing action plans
  • Risk assessment and contingency plans
  • Monitoring and control of implementation strategies
  • Master and apply a range of powerful techniques for solving problems creatively


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