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Workshop Topic – Presentation Skills for Managers/ Executives

Presentation Skills for Managers/ Executives

To succeed in today's business world, having confidence and good presentation skills are essential in presenting a powerful and persuasive message. Whether it is for delivering an important pitch or to motivate and inspire employees, it is a necessity for company executives to possess.

To further engage and bring more impact to your audience, here are a few techniques to consider:

  • Vocal coaching can increase executive influence
    • Influence the audience through the power of voice

  • Body language
    • Using eye contact, gestures & space to command your audience

  • Presenting key information
    • How to present data with effective visual aids to support key messages

Program Highlights:

  • Fundamental principles of effective & successful presentation
  • How to make a difference to your presentation
  • Presentation format selection
  • Analysis of great and poor speeches
  • Effective use of visual aids
  • Layout/ spacing, colors and themes, fonts/ size impact
  • Use of charts and diagrams
  • Animation & other effects
  • Vocabulary & jargons/ Paralinguistic
  • Non-verbal communication strengthen the message
  • Formal presentation and constructive feedback session
  • Final tips on presentation etiquette


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