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Workshop Topic – Effective Team Building: The All-time High

Team Building: The All-time High

In these hard times it has never been so important for teams to work efficiently and in cohesion.

A good communication skill between team members is an important part of how a team works as a whole, without it the team cannot function properly. The exciting activity and the scenarios bring team members together and united for the common good, helping each other out as they go.

It is important for each team member to utilize their individual strengths for the good of the team and its objectives. Team members will also have to overcome problems of which will force them to make on the spot decisions.


The main goal of this one-day training program is to emphasis on the consciousness of the team cooperation. Candidates extract practical experiences to supplement theoretical training through the exciting war-games. Together with the most powerful theory, which is also the distinctive mode of thought, “AQ” (Adversity Quotient) candidates will be deeply impressed under unfavorable conditions. By the perseverance of the candidates will henceforth devote all the efforts to develop team unity and cooperation. As a result, become the outstanding and efficient work team.

Basic Values:

  • Union gives strength
  • Cornerstone of success: Determined, Diligent, and Devoted
  • Good communication skills obtain mutual understanding and efficiency
  • Achieve the ultimate goal
Program Highlights:

  • Definition of Team
  • Function of the team
  • How to organize an “Effective Team”
  • P.A.R.T. of Team Member
  • Team Concern
  • Team spirit
  • Improving AQ (Adversity Quotient)
  • What is “AQ”?
  • What is the procedure of “LEAD”?
  • Raising “AQ” by “LEAD”

Mission 1: THE AMBUSH

Separate Team A into Team A1 and A2, and Team B into Team B1 and B2, take the diagonal points as the Base, use every effort to beat off the opposite teams.

KEY POINT TO LEARN: Skills of communication and organization Trust among team members


The mutual enemy of both teams occupies the Great Wall. In order to get back this base; two teams have to join together using different strategies and different traits of their soldiers.


  • Motivates team spirit
  • Management tasks
  • Trust among team members
  • Contingency theory

Mission 3 : VIP escort

Separate for three small groups, as advanced guard, guard and support; they need to protect a VIP and an easy broken thing from the starting point to the ending point. When they proceed the process, it will be a sniper to snipe the VIP. It can be observed their cooperation and obeisance.


  • Motivates team spirit
  • Trust among team members
  • Contingency theory


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