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Negotiation: Getting the Best Deal Every Time

Negotiation: Getting the Best Deal Every Time

How often do you regret right after a purchase that you might have overpaid for an item? Why do these thoughts surface? This is largely due to the fact that when you are in heat of the moment you are impulsive, you lacked the right information, the analytical mind and also the correct negotiation techniques. While buying a carton of milk is usually an insignificant decision, some deals in life can be critical.

The negotiation workshop which stems from the Master Communication Series aims to demonstrate how intelligent negotiation will ascertain the most desirable outcomes possible all the time. (hence better quality sleep at night)

Program Highlights:

  • Understanding various situations of negotiation
  • Learning the right negotiation techniques
  • Knowing the “the best deal” when you are faced with it
  • Cases sharing


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