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Workshop Topic – Motivation


Living with motivation is simply a matter of inner physics and overcoming our tendency to remain at rest. This can be done in two ways: by the attractiveness of your goal; or by the repulsiveness of what you want to distance yourself from.

Being valued and recognized for the work we do, encourages employees motivation, responsibility and productivity. With improved motivational levels, employees create better work relationships and in turn further contribute to the organization’s success.

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to discuss motivation theories and applications, as well as taking a look at how a positive mindset can impact your life for the better.

Program Highlights:

  • What is motivation?

  • Different individual different needs
  • Self‐actualization needs
  • Self‐esteem needs
  • Social needs
  • Safety needs
  • Physical needs
  • Theories of motivation and putting them into practice

  • Learning about motivating and de‐motivating factors

  • Plateauing
  • Position plateauing
  • Contribution plateauing
  • Managing the plateau
  • One‐minute concept

  • Design your motivation strategies


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