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Workshop Topic – Managing Your Success

Managing Your Success

High performers at a company bear the responsibility for their own career development. This requires frequent self-assessments, proactively searching for learning opportunities, broadening social networks, as well as a positive mind-set.

Being fully aware of one's own motivational and learning style is essential to choosing the most beneficial learning experiences to allow for the most effective steps towards success, achievement and career development.

This workshop encourages participants to:

  • Understand their role and accountability in their career.
  • Determine their learning and motivating styles to help manage their success.
  • Develop their learning path and skills to achieve success.
  • Support their personal development and career advancement.
  • Create a plan for managing their success.
In our world of competitive business, it is important to fully understand the best ways to manage success at work.

Program Highlights:

  • What is the corporate strategy?
  • How you become the best?
  • How you learn best?
  • What motivate you?
  • How you achieve success?


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