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Workshop Topic – Listening Skills

Listening Skills

What defines a good listener? Being a good listener is not the same as just simply hearing what someone has to say, but it is in fact a skill we need to develop individually to allow for better and improved communication with our peers.

The business world is ever more complex and can be difficult to navigate through to numerous communication channels that come our way. It is therefore important to ensure messages are understood well.

This workshop focuses on helping people to develop a better set of listening skills as well as enhance the way we deliver our own messages.

Program Highlights:

  • Understanding the importance of listening
  • Identify the difference between hearing and listening
  • Identify the types of bad listeners
  • Learn to become a great listener
  • Demonstrate the use of open-ended and closed questions
  • Identify their behavioral styles and the unique challenges they face
  • Describe a model of feedback, communication and listening
  • Explain the importance of body language in the listening process
  • Demonstrate techniques for listening better to challenging speakers
  • Develop an action plan to improve their listening skills


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