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Workshop Topic – Handling Complaints

Handling Complaints

Intentional or not, sometimes we may find unfavorable situations at times unavoidable, yet it is important to be able to deal with them to the best that we can. Complaints can stem from several reasons, such as:

  • wrong goods received
  • poor service
  • unsatisfactory quality of goods
  • late delivery
  • damaged goods
  • prices not as agreed

This workshop introduces ways to resolve difficult situations and reestablish goodwill.

Program Highlights:

  • Investigate the matter promptly
  • Show understanding and empathy
  • If unreasonable, be firm but polite, and try not to offend
  • If you are at fault, express regret and admit it
  • Explain how the matter will be put right or has been rectified
  • Never blame staff / customers
  • Provide extra effort, information or compensation if appropriate
  • Give personalized attention
  • Thank the person again for expressing opinion
  • Reassure the customer of future good service, to build loyalty


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