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Workshop Topic – Get to Know Yourself by NLP Model

Get to Know Yourself by NLP Model

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) was initially used therapeutically, but has now reached out into usage in businesses and sports. With increasing interest, many people have chosen to undergo NLP training, from professional practitioners and psychotherapists to people from all different walks of life.

Most people who are interested in NLP training wish to further enhance their communication skills, as well as aim to become more confident and influential. Thus making NLP suitable to help people strive towards certain goals to become happier and more successful in life, such as hoping to get a promotion or even perfecting a golfing technique.

Program Highlights:

  • What is NLP?
  • The NLP Communication Model
  • The unconscious mind
  • Respect
  • Understanding your own preferred representational system
  • Predicates
  • Sensory acuity and perception
  • Rapport
  • Eye patterns
  • Strategies
  • Understanding meta model – Deciphering language
  • Using metaphors
  • Using NLP in negotiation
  • Using NLP in sales


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