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Workshop Topic – Effective Time Management

Effective Time Management

Behind every successful career and high performing organization, smart time management & team productivity skills are necessary. Balancing priorities, tight deadlines and meetings emails will reduce the affect of accumulating stress and secure your growth and team performance.

Most of us often wish to spend our time feeling energized, excited and satisfied on meaningful and important matters. The key to these self-fulfillments can be achieved through daily incremental progress towards our goals.

This workshop combines lectures and discussions, as well as group tasks to encourage active participation. By learning to prioritize tasks and perform tasks efficiently, utilizing various time management techniques, participants can benefit from improved productivity leading to more success and fulfillment in both their business and personal lives.

Program Highlights:

  • Challenges & key principles of time management

  • Assessing your own “Daily Time and Energy Trend”

  • Reduce the time waster by
  • Learn and take the courage to say “no” and overcome procrastination
  • Establish self discipline to reduce “not urgent and not important” activities
  • Manage your computer and email
  • Develop a habit of Plan and Prioritize
  • The rules of weekly planning
  • Task identification (the importance vs. urgent)
  • Prepare a to-do-list & setting time buffer
  • Manage your key stakeholders through effective time management practices
  • Manage self with a habit of “end in mind” and self-discipline
  • Communicate with your boss with the rule of 80/20
  • Manage your peer and subordinates


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