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Workshop Topic – Effective Team Building by Using DISC Profile (Indoor/ Outdoor)

Effective Team Building by Using DISC Profile (Indoor/ Outdoor)

Reach an even higher level of teamwork and performance!

Indoor/ outdoor activities and team experiences along with group processing and discussions can further team building, helping to bring together a mutually motivating and understanding team. DISC is one of the most widely used behavioral models in the world. We use it to help understand human behavior and to provide an easy-to-interpret model based on whether someone is people or task orientated and outgoing or more reserved.

The main reason for doing a DISC profile is to learn how to be more adaptable. Through experience and collaborative relationships, our team building workshop empowers people and provides them with the opportunity to learn about themselves and others.

Indoor or Outdoor Activities/ Games including:

  • Typewriter: Illustrate the concept of process improvement. It will focus on team relationship, individual contribution and leadership role in process improvement
  • Build a Lego Car: How to lead a change in a business process and to compliment the new knowledge & skills from new member
  • The Flying Blanket: The mindset from working independent to inter-dependent
  • Marshmallow Challenge: A clear goal that encourage team work & collaboration
  • Win as Much as You Can: Using communication to develop a win-win mindset
  • and more …

Program Highlights:

  • Four basic behavioral styles of DISC
  • Creating respect for different work styles and personalities
  • Highlighting the diversity of skills within a team
  • Exploring team and interpersonal dynamics
  • How to instantly improve your communications and team work using DISC
  • Ways to create effective working relationships


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