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Workshop Topic – Effective Meeting Skills

Effective Meeting Skills

Statistics from Meeting Resource Centre showed that most professionals meet on a regular basis admit to daydreaming (91%), missing meetings (96%) and missing parts of meetings (95%). A large percentage (73%) said they have brought other works to meeting. 39% said they have dozed in meetings. Since “meetings have become the practical alternative to work” (Kriegal & Brandt (1996)), effective meeting skills are essential to make meetings effective and productive.

Through the workshop, the participants will learn how to be successful chairpersons to organize and chair a meeting. They will also learn to be effective participants to facilitate the effectiveness and efficiency of meetings.

The key element of the workshop is a skills practice session by the participants. This will enable the participants to practice, contribute constructive feedback and further improve their own meeting skills.

Program Highlights:

  • Understanding the essentials of meeting / meeting skills practice session

  • Opening & closing for meetings
  • Teleconferencing & virtual meeting techniques
  • Meeting etiquette for chairpersons & participants
  • Face to face meeting techniques
  • Intercultural meeting : Meeting with people from different cultures


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