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Workshop Topic – Adopt “Leadership Conversation Skills” for Effective Communications

Workshop Topic – Adopt “Leadership Conversation Skills” for Effective Communications

In today's fast-paced world, effective leaders must manage their businesses with good coaching, motivation and mentorship. A great leader possesses the capability to move people to action through performance and development conversations enabling them to raise great people.

This workshop proposes effective methods on how to sustain focus, out-come orientated and powerful conversations beneficial in good leadership.

Program Highlights:

  • Understand the five human interactions for leadership conversation
  • The five interactions and its impact in communication
  • Balance courage and consideration to achieve ‘win win”
  • Be a “win win” communicator when communicating with subordinates
  • Understand the challenges and barriers in communicating with subordinates
  • Different perception and selective listening through filtering
  • The natural tendency to advise, judge, assume and conclude
  • How our Job Position and MBTI style affect our listening
  • Develop the highest level of listening skills in relationship building
  • The three levels of listening & how it affects the relationship
  • Build emotional alignment with the subordinates through level 3 listening
  • Practice the highest level to align and strength relationship
  • “Understanding and Exploring”- critical skills in leadership conversation
  • Poor questioning skills damage and challenge team relationship
  • The tactics of NOT using “Why”
  • Develop your questioning skills to invite ideas and opinions
  • Build a cohesive team through high level of questioning skills
  • Give constructive feedback to lead better and perform better
  • Using SBI (situation, behavior, impact) formula to provide constructive feedback
  • Using SBI (situation, behavior, impact) formula to ask question to create awareness
  • Take leader’s responsibility to shift feedback to feed forwarding.


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